George Fox

Contemporary Artist - Brighton UK

George Fox is a pen name I give myself in memory to the most wonderful Uncle, Charles Don - Fox.  His fun for life, can do attitude and warm heart are with me forever.  His memory lives in me forever,  Thanks Gussy x   

Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting...It's constantly developing with content and design.  I'm an illustrator living in Brighton with two young boys a gorgeous wife and lots of pens.

For 14 years, I have illustrated over 2000 characters for the greeting card and gifts company, Draw, with inspiration and creativity from my Co-Founder Will. With the arrival on my first child in 2012, late nights and restless sleep got my inner creativity stimulated and I started creating inventions and contraptions in what I called the 'midnight project' i.e.all drawings were done after midnight!  I promised myself I would draw in this style for at least 1 hour per night, and to date I've done it!

Inspired by Heath Robinson, Rowland Emmett and Rude Goldberg I've a library of creations that dig deep into the mechanics of how a machine works not just in the obvious scenario but also within the context of the world and evolution.

Waves, Wind, Time ... are these nature at their best or perhaps the result of mechanics in evolution that come together in a sustainable world?  

Multi layers and the inner workings of technical contraptions are so much more than static imagery and this is where Augmented Reality has become my passion.  So much information within an image is personal to me but with the onset of AR I am able to share detail, data, historical importance and / or thoughts with you.


Thanks, George