Inspired by Heath Robinson, Rowland Emmett and Rude Goldberg I've a library of creations that dig deep into the mechanics 

of how a machine works not just in the obvious scenario but also within the context of the world and evolution.

Waves, Wind, Time, Sound, Colour ... are these nature at their best or perhaps the result of mechanics in evolution?

"An infusion of engineering influences within the evolution of first life"

The Wave Maker

The Wave Maker

Here’s a tail of the blue sea beneath, and the magical truth of the Brighton Reef.  

Still standing strong in the water clear, is the nearly forgotten ... Western Pier. 

 A much loved but lonely structure left to decay, “down she comes” the critics have been heard to say.  

But put on your goggles, go on take another look and view, this my friend an invitation to you.  

For those who choose and look some more, there’s a whole new world for you to explore.  

Beneath the ocean under the sea, there’s a different world than for you and me.  

Swimming Crabs, shrimps and fish down a funnel they go, to find a pipe into which oxygen they blow. 

 Octopus, blowfish, eels and squid, they all join forces to the air they now rid.  

This combined effort of gas from our friends with the fins, passes through Pipes, tubes, valves, pullies and tins.

Joining in vessels of high pressured air, it’s now in the hands of a magical man under there. 

 His name is the ‘wave maker’ and his life now you see, he controls all the oceans for you and for me. 

The pressure raises and dials hit high, for the air (now bubbles), want to rise to the sky.  

With a twist of a cog and pull on a chain, here’s where the movement of water does gain. 

 Our wave maker channels the bubbles to rise, and with this water is forced up to the sky’s.

So next time you see a wave and there are constantly more, ask yourself 'just how do these rise from the shore?'

There is a secret about a wave maker under West Pier, for the magic of waves all come from here.

Greenwich Mean Time

Greenwich Mean Time

We look daily to the face of the tick tock plate, a three handed movement giving time as a state.  

But question yourself 'if it where not for the hands, how could you schedule the daily plans?' 

Not just a day, a week, month or year, if weren’t for the clock ... what would be here?  

Time is not a given, a right of our being, but in fact a creation by a single human being. 

He lives down here with all his time making tricks, and goes by the name of Lord Felix. 

That’s right my friend time is not just a thing...it’s a creation of cogs, chains, pullies and slings.

I introduce this, an underground world, a time keepers studio the story now told. 

 No secrets remain for how a clock does wind, this engine room in Greenwich, is one of a kind.

For at noon each day in London as sun rises high, a light lazer shines down, a beam from the sky.

Deep underground this beam shines bright on a plate, and this is the start of time ... time as a state.  

A tick of box, some notes and tweak, the every second you live, is planned week upon week. 

Years to months planned, dates pass everyday, your life unbeknown has been scheduled this way.

So look at your watch, a clock or your phone and ask the question, 'just why ‘time’ won’t postpone?'

The reason is here, and we owe thanks to this shrine, a magical man who creates Greenwich Mean Time.

The Wind Maker

The Wind Maker

Imagine a land where all was still, no wind in the air to warm or chill.

No leaves to fall, no kites to fly, not a singing bird passing by. 

We’d have no waving flags to see, and all would be still, as still as could be. 

Well here’s a story of magic to trust, and a theory of how the air gets it’s gust. 

Towards the coast and above the cliff floor, sits a house with a charming little red door. 

In you go and down two floors, you’ll find this house is different to yours. 

For now you are deep within the land, through shells of history, pebbles and sand. 

A cavern of pipes, levers and cogs, electrical wires a cat and some logs. 

Here now you find the creator of flow, his invention of power to make the wind blow. 

His name is Captain Ezra Baker, the infamous creator and ‘World Wind Maker.  

Gathered air and water from sea wall, are pressured in tanks some big and some small. 

The water is warmed to create steam at a gas, this will release as a cloud in the mass. 

Air is compressed and released by the hour, creating a force of incredible power. 

The power in turn twists a turbine blade, and from here is where all the earth’s wind is made.  

So next time you feel a breeze on your face, remember the magic of this magic cliff place. 

If the air moves and gust a real shaker, it came from here and the World Wind Maker.