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We take for granted the beautiful wildlife, animals and eco systems in which modern man lives.  Today's world is now structured by mechanics and technology that our animal predesesors have had to accommodate within.  

What if the animal kingdom were to morph with our modern influences ... could evolution take a direction between mammals and mechanics?

Rocket Man

Whale Sub

Tortoise Recovery

Sky Shark

Penguining to Fly

Sky Bus

Rhino Bus

The planet on which we live is blessed by the beauty of the natural world. This point in time is the result of all how evolution has adapted to inhabit the world in its current form. Both animals and humans brought together to this point in time and history. Rainforest, Oceans, Deserts and Mountains all housing feeding, protecting and supporting the eco system in which we live. What if we become one? What if the animal world becomes so intertwined with 21st Century Human Race that they morph and evolve into one being? This Illustration explores the natural evolution of the Rhino and how it's evolutionary direction may be 'modified' by the impact of human to become a 'morphed' animal both of nature and of human influence.


Turtle Mansion

This Illustration aims to raise awareness of the impact humans are having on the future evolution of our most treasured marine life. How are the plastic pollutants, and activities we humans are doing n the oceans, impacting on the evolutionary structure of the world's most beautiful marine life? The illustration asks the question: Will the evolution of turtles become morphed by human involvement and change direction of it's projected evolution? This picture is part or a larger series titled 'Don't Mess With Our Homes' looking at all human influent on the animal direction of evolution.

Bee Nice to Elephants

(A3 Limited edition 100)

Spider Castle

Humming Bird

Octopus Garden