I love to explore the imagination of other worlds.  Often inspired by my two young boys, we think about how different world's might exist and who might live there!

Far Away Tree

The Far Away Tree

Another existence of our life can be true, but it’s not always an obvious world … but a clue.

The dream you’ve heard of a second realm you did see, believe yourself, those emotions all exist … in a tree.

That’s right the roots and branches so clear, not your imagination but a lesson in reality, it’s here.

Not a single life of one living beat, but entire structure in which an ecosystem does seat.

From sea level raising upon high in the cloud, the habitants here they are loving and proud.

They do not fight, steel, punish or lie, but instead live in harmony from earth to the sky.

They care for the core on which their existence does tread, they do not pollute the fields from which people are fed.

The young and the old the rich and the poor, this magical tree opens in offering door.

It looks not for power, dominance or split, but for a population of all types … to be welcomed and sit.

Linking with ladders, lifts, pulleys and chains, boots, carousels, balloons, tunnels and trains.

This tree does not hinder any individual with fear, for on every branch, in dwelling, help is always just near.

A unit, a body, structure so tall, this life in a Wonderland protects and loves all.

It looks after it’s own and in return they do care, a system in which life, for all, can be fair.

Oh Far away tree we should note your existence is right, our world should not be a struggle or plight.

You come in our dreams to show us the way, we thank you for helping us see the light in the day.

Sky Abode

Hillside view