Sports Venues

Pictorial histogram's celebrating the venues, heritage, fans, community, sponsors, management, cities and people.
This is a long term project in which I hope to cover all sports and present visual historical pictograms housing 100's facts associated with the various sports.

Keep your eyes open as they are popping up around many prestigious sporting venues across the country. 

Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club

A Working Pictorial

Information truly is Beautiful.  A pictorial histogram of of my home town's Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club.  This complex multi-layered illustration celebrates 120 years of the Club; bringing together the community, fans, players, management, charity, sponsors, venues and city, with over 450 facts contained within the single illustration.

Embedded with Augmented Reality technology the facts and people associated with the club come can come to life on your android or mobile phone device.

TRY IT.  Download the FREE 'Artivive' App and hover your phone (app open) over the 'little football; within the black circle in the top left of the picture (below the American Express text).
NOTE: Zoom in or maximise image size for App to recognise detail.

LIMITED EDITION: Coming soon are 1901 Limited Edition prints of this unique piece of BHAFC history.

I've historical pictograms of numerous sports including Football, Tennis, Cricket, Motor Racing, Horse Racing, Football, Olympic Games and Sailing